Consultation Request Submission for Macro-management of Information and Communication Technology

Types of Consulting Services


E-Government (Electronic Government)

  • Consulting on the design and implementation of organizational portals, service desks and electronic service systems in accordance with organizational, security, technical and legal frameworks.
  • Consulting on the implementation of the interactive platforms and service-oriented architecture (SOA) to communicate with other public (state-run) and private organizations.
  • Consulting on the increase of interactivity, user-centered design, accessibility and the improvement of the reliability of electronic service systems.

Strategy and Strategic Management of Information Technology (SMIT)

  • Making an organizational vision statement of the situation and position of the organization in the future atmosphere.
  • Making an organizational mission statement to realize a vision according to the values and goals of the organization.
  • Providing and building a strategic roadmap and document for Information Technology (IT) Management.
  • Designing the architecture and structure of the Information Technology (IT) of an organization.
  • Consulting on the process optimization of an organization.
  • Consulting on organizational planning and performance appraisal and its progress.

Information Technology (IT) Risk Management

  • Consulting on the increased hardware and software security in order to protect an organization from cyber attacks.
  • Reviewing and analyzing network security policies and providing appropriate data security solutions.
  • Adequate capital resource leveling in conformity with individual choice and developing control policies.
  • Consulting on the continuous data integrity control and monitoring.
  • Consulting on the continuous control and monitoring of access to organizational resources.
  • Consulting on cultural foundation and the use of a dedicated training program for organization employees in order to improve organizational security level.
  • Consulting on work procedures and documenting and archiving the backup system of organizational important information and data.
  • Consulting about examining the existence of legal basis before providing services and removing existing obstacles.
  • Consulting about considering hardware supported versions.
  • Consulting about using hardware testing processes and fixing failures.
  • Consulting on the increased security of access to organizational resources and information.

IT (Information Technology Development)

  • Consulting about choosing enterprise software.
  • Consulting on the preparation of a service description of enterprise software.
  • Examining the current organizational network and structure for the purpose of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the current network and structure.
  • Checking the facilities and equipment needed for the redevelopment of network and consulting on the provision of hardware and equipment thereof.
  • Consulting on network development.
  • Consulting about investing in new projects, ideas, products and technologies.
  • Consulting on the design and monitoring of computer network implementation or data center management.
  • Consulting on the provision of Information Technology Equipment (ITE).
  • Consulting about providing web-service-based solutions and electronic service systems.
  • Consulting organizations about e-government and digital transformation.
  • Consulting about gathering, analyzing and preparing data and information to make better decisions.
  • Consulting about choosing and identifying the best contractor for implementing and outsourcing projects.
  • Consulting on the implementation of new technology projects including Internet of Things, 5G and virtualization.
  • Consulting on the design and implementation of communication networks such as VoIP, video conferencing and mail server.

Digital Transformation

  • Writing an organizational vision statement and formulating standards and regulations to make a successful digital transformation.
  • Consulting about redesigning an organizational structure and re-engineering processes, integrating and removing additional and parallel systems, and modernizing due rules and regulations to improve internal organizational efficiency.
  • Consulting on maturity assessment, building an ideal situation and creating a journey map to reach the desired point.
  • Consulting on attitude change and building internal organizational culture to make a successful digital transformation.
  • Consulting on coordination, prioritization and implementation of the measures in the field of digital transformation in accordance with the principles of sociology, psychology, education, politics and economics.
  • Consulting on the simultaneous use of information technology facilities and human resources in an efficient and effective way.
  • Consulting on project management, security, service management, performance monitoring and infrastructure development.

Information Technology Project Management (ITPM)

  • Consulting about developing a project charter and plan.
  • Consulting on the preparation of a document of project objectives and a project schedule.
  • Consulting about setting intermediate goals, phasing and calculating the maximum workload required to complete each phase of a project.
  • Consulting about budgeting and implementation cost of projects.
  • Consulting about setting control mechanisms for a project follow-up, evaluation and control.
  • Consulting about measuring performance indicators.
  • Consulting about estimating a work package’s time and cost.
  • Consulting on needs assessment of facilities and human resources and the costs thereof.

IT (Information Technology) Service Management

  • Consulting on the design of the structure of service desk in accordance with services, organizational structure, types of customers and organizational services.
  • Consulting on the organizational redesign of an information technology service department in an organization.
  • Consulting on the improvement of IT service management using the ITIL framework.
  • Consulting on an organizational resource planning to improve workflow and automate processes and procedures.

IT (Information Technology) Governance

  • Monitoring the implementation of information technology projects and developing key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Consulting about documenting and archiving and preparing job descriptions of experts and managers of an IT department.
  • Consulting on the implementation and measurement of efficiency and IT effectiveness.
  • Examining how to provide services to network users and consulting about developing appropriate solutions.
  • Consulting about developing new solutions of documentation and creating knowledge bases.
  • Consulting about developing strategies for the optimal use of individual and organizational knowledge.
  • Consulting on the control of infrastructures, services and modifications.
  • Consulting about optimizing work processes and improving employee efficiency.
  • Consulting on the fields such as calculating return on investment (ROI), added value and profitability resulted from information technology.
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